Resale for Delaware

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All Resale Package orders are sent electronically from DocuSign within ten (10) calendar days as a PDF to the email address provided with this order. 

The Resale Package includes:

  • Certificate of Account Standing (Payoff Statement)
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Declaration(s)
  • Bylaws
  • Easement(s)
  • Agreement(s)
  • Resolution(s)
  • Annual Adopted Budget
  • Insurance Accord(s)
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Community Forms
  • Association Disclosures
  • A disclosure if known violations exist on the subject property
  • Six months of prior meeting minutes

DELAWARE LEGAL NOTICE - Delaware Code Title 25, DUCIOA 81-409 (a), "Except in the case of a sale in which delivery of a public offering statement is required, or unless exempt under § 81-401(b) of this title, a unit owner shall furnish to a purchaser not later than the time of the signing of the contract to purchase, a copy of the declaration (other than any plats and plans), all amendments to the declaration, the bylaws, and the rules of the association (including all amendments to the rules), and a certificate containing or attaching the following, to be correct to within 120 days prior to the date the certificate of the unit owner is furnished to the purchaser.”